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January 1, 2012
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Warwolf Squadron Logo by Dsign-Mode Warwolf Squadron Logo by Dsign-Mode
The logo from the Warwolf squad from ace combat horizon. To tell you the truth i Didn't like the game so much like the previous ones, totally disliked the pace of the game the mission feel like a drag /cause some of them are really long, and the helicopter parts are kinda odd. plus the total disregard for the series story (the parallel world) made me feel disgusted.

Don't know why, but at times I feel I'm playing a modern warfare game rather than an Ace Combat game and don't get me started with the dog fight mode, just no...

Warwolf logo from Ace Combat Assault Horizon, this just a fanart, no harm intended!
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I totally disagree with you. I think Assault Horizon was a great way to mix up the series. Either way, great work here!
I guess to each his own, I really liked Assault Horizon the characters were well written I didn't really mind the longer missions, that and the fictional world from the rest of the series could use a break from the perpetual state of war that's been going on since Ace Combat Zero.

When Ace Combat 6 came out I thought "Great another plot that consists of a thinly veiled excuse to blow shit up with an airplane, and a flying fortress of doom that is always on the bad guys side, this is starting to get old!"

The Ace Combat francise was starting to get stale and repetative, kind of like every Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, so instead of repeating the same old sit again and again until we all lose intrest Namco hired Jim DeFelice to write a kickass story, had Keiki Kobayashi work his usual magic, tried out a few new gameplay concepts that we haven't seen in previous Ace Comabt titles.

Now as for dogfight mode I could take it or leave it, I would rather if it didn't cut to the enemy plane everytime you kill something, but one thing that really irked me was the regenerating health and I'm going to quote one of the world's best videogame critics and British people here.

"Before the health regeneration glut in shooters, health was a resource you had to manage carefully. It added a new element to the battlefield - if your health was low all you could do was try to sprint to some kind of restorative before you succumbed. And if there wasn't a source of health nearby, you just had to be extra careful. And weren't those the most exciting parts of a game like Half-Life, when you've scraped through an encounter with several organs missing and your arms hanging off so now every health point counts and your wit must be about you at all times?"
~Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw - Extra Punctuation 'Why Regenerating Health Sucks'

I whole heartedly agree that regenerating health is one of the stupidest ideas in videogames, the whole thing is Halo's fault really, it's a bad idea from shooters that translates even worse into a flying game.

Namco has said that Assault Horizon is not Ace Combat 7 and AC7 will take place in the same world as all of the previous games, but I really wouldn't mind seeing a continuation of the Assault Horizon story either.
0Greyfox0 Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice logo.

And finally someone else who disagrees with that bloody dogfight mode xD

Or the story, if they wanted to have it play IRL they could have taken something like Joint Assault. At least that one had superweapons and airborne fortresses :P
Dsign-Mode Jan 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Actually I never played Joint Assault, never had the chance, plus none of my friends has a PSP or is a fan of Ace Combat xD
0Greyfox0 Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a nice game, albeit the final boss is annyoing and sort of a flashback to Pixy
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